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Fun run: running with the stars

Easy Fundraisers that You Already do Everyday!

eScrip is fundraising made simple. Free to join, simple to use, and NOTHING TO TRACK OR SELL. You simply register your credit cards and when you use them Sycamore gets money!!!!! Please just click on the link and sign up. YOU NEVER HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE AGAIN the whole time your child/ children are at Sycamore.

Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile is another place you just sign up and your done. Do you belong to Amazon or Amazon Prime? Think about how quickly 0.5% of your purchases over the year will add up for our school. Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know, same products, and same Amazon Prime benefits. Please sign up and your done for the year!!!!!!

Box Tops For Education and Labels for Education

Box Tops For Education is an easy way to earn money for our school. Simply look for products containing the Box Tops For Education logo. Our school earns 10 cents for every Box Top. Attached is the collection sheet.  You can also find collection sheets in the school lobby or on the Box Tops website

Box Tops collection days are on the last Friday of the month at first recess.  Elementary students can earn popcorn or a small prize for every 10 Box Tops they turn in.  Middle school students may bring in their Box Tops anytime to their homeroom teacher. Last year, we earned $2,839.60 from Box Tops!

We want to welcome and thank Sarah Epstein and Julie Ambriz for being our new Box Tops coordinators. We are seeking volunteers to help Sarah and Julie on Box Tops collection day. Students are always thrilled to see their parents at recess!  If you are interested, please contact either Sarah or Julie or

We are still collecting Campell’s Labels for Education UPC’s. Unfortunately, their program will be coming to an end, but if you have any remaining UPC’s, please have your child turn them in on Box Tops day. Campbell’s is transitioning to Grand Stand For Schools, which is another great way to earn money for our school. Visit and register.  Enter their sweepstakes for a chance to win $10,000 for our school!

Corporate Matching
Does your company do corporate matching? Matching gifts are free money for our school. Please find out and let the PTSA know.